Richard Ayoade Touring in Tallinn with Estadventures

When Richard Ayoade wasn’t preoccupied fixing somebody’s invalid memory as Maurice Moss on “The IT Crowd”, he could often be found traversing the world as the presenter of his very own travel documentary series “Travel Man” on Britain’s Channel 4. However, as of 2020, the show will be hosted instead by comedian Joe Lycett, as, after four years on the road, Richard says he finally realised he didn’t like travelling. He now prefers to stay safely at home writing books on Gwyneth Paltrow films.

7 things to do in Tallinn in Winter

If you’re planning a trip to Europe this winter, there’s a good chance you’ve found Tallinn to come highly recommended. Over the last several years, tourism in Estonia’s capital has spiked exponentially. Thousands of old and new visitors alike arrive almost daily during the summer, with many of them returning during the Christmas season to see the beautiful Medieval town centre at its most festive.